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Welcome to discovering the natural treasures of Sardinia! This beautiful island is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers.

From the Flumendosa gorges to Monte Perdudu, from the Sa Stiddiosa waterfalls to the natural beauty of Su Stampu ‘e Su Turrunu, Sardinia offers a unique and exciting hiking experience.

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Quadrifoglio Blu (Blue Four-Leafed Clover)

Walking in the Blue Zone to discover places in the community with the longest life-expectancy in the world: the project is inspired by the strong bond between man and nature, to give life to an active, sustainable, and experiential tourism development model.

Quadrifoglio Blu provides a system of eight hiking trails that recall the shape of the double cloverleaf.

The trails all start from the inhabited centre of Seulo, and are subdivided by themes related to the specificities of the territory: from geology to forests, from pastoral landscapes to rivers and streams.

Breathtaking routes to discover valleys, gorges, woods, and waterfalls: the ideal destination for those who want to get the most out of a deep connection with the surrounding environment.

Sa Stiddiosa

On the border between Seulo and Gadoni, about fifteen kilometres from the course of the Flumendosa river, lies one of Sardinia’s most surprising natural masterpieces: the Sa Stiddiosa waterfall.

This incredible phenomenon owes its name to the effect caused by the drops of water that fall from the overlying karst spring, creating a dense, continuous drip along a rock face overhanging the river bed.

It is not a traditional waterfall, but a dense drizzle that is created thanks to the enormous calcareous concretions that characterize the rocky wall, covered by hydrophilic plants including the maidenhair fern.

During the winter period, the dripping becomes particularly intense, while in the summer it transforms into a pleasant and peaceful downpour of water.

The waterfall ends in an emerald green lake, located on the right bank of the river, where it is possible to swim and enjoy the spectacle offered by nature.

It is a unique and unmissable experience for lovers of nature and wild beauty.

A monument of nature

Explore the unique karst landscapes with an unforgettable walk among springs, natural pools, waterfalls and caves along the path that leads to Su Stampu ‘e Su Turrunu.

This wonderful natural area is a monument of nature and offers an extraordinary spectacle of crystal clear water, meandering streams and other natural formations that will take your breath away. Follow the directions to discover all the hidden treasures and enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life

The canyon on the Flumendosa

The canyon on the Flumendosa is a historical route that follows in the footsteps of the shepherds, crossing the sheepfolds of the pastoral village of Nusaunu and finally leading to the canyon dug by the river.

Thanks to the intervention of the Forestry Authority of Sardinia, the ancient shepherds’ houses and the structures used to shelter livestock have been reconstructed with care and attention to detail. The route offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and pastoral history of Sardinia, while admiring the natural beauty of the canyon and the surrounding flora and fauna.

Monte Perdedu

Located in a rough and wild area, Monte Perdedu is a very exciting place. The surrounding area is rich in water springs and ancient signs of pastoral villages, which bear witness to the human presence in these lands for centuries.

To reach the top, it is possible to travel the road by car, but for those looking for a more intense and engaging experience, mountain biking is ideal.